Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm not a good blogger...


...because you need to probably post more than once every 5 or 6 weeks really if you expect anyone to stay even sort of interested. Perhaps I'll get back on a streak.

Many bike-y things have happened. I've been doing loads of work on my Paramount changing it over to a pretty nice road bike setup. The process went something like this:

I got a pair of Shimano 105 STI shifters for it and tried for a while to get some different used wheel sets that would work for this conversion. After learning a few hard lessons about Shimano compatibility and vintage (though I was able to find homes for the wheels that did not work fortunately), I just got a new set of Mavic CXP21 wheels with Ultegra 6600 hubs on a sort of end-of-summer sale. Nice wheels! I got a second (small) chainring for the Shimano 600 cranks that the bike already had on it and started setting it up. I got this setup more or less happening sans front derailleur as the 600 derailleur I swapped out from the Trek 660 I had a while back stripped at the cable clamp bolt upon installation. So I just fastened that cable under the bottle cage boss on the seattube and went on my merry way for the time being. Other bits include a set of Easton ergo drop bars and a nice Fuji saddle ($10 on craigslist!) Went on a pretty fun ride with the bike in this stage one Sunday afternoon. It went like this:

-3200 W Belmont to the lakefront by way of Diversey.
-Lakeshore path to the top, brief rest and the photo below at the turnaround
-Lakeshore path south to Grand Ave
-Grand to Milwaukee back up to Wicker Park

Here I met my friend Matt for a light lunch and beers before heading back home. It was a nice 20-ish mile ride and I loved the new bike setup.

Here's a pic:

The saga continues though. More soon...