Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moving along


Well, I'm feeling like this blog has mostly run it's course.

I finished off the year doing the Coal City Century, my first proper century ride last year, again and ended up with a pinched nerve that screwed my left hand up good for a few weeks. Now we're deep in the bowels of winter and I'm not doing much more than commuting 3 times or so a week.

Heading off to Austin at the end of next week for some much needed riding down there (I'm registered again for the MS 150).

Mostly, though, other things have taken my attention from finding time to write or even just think so much about bikes (of course there's not as much to think about in January). I'm going back to school and have just had an explosion of interest in reading and learning about economics over the last couple of years. Apropos, I have a new blog that is centering around the dismal science and my schooling experience as it unfolds. It's called


and it will hopefully be a worthy read for anyone interested in a variety of different things.

May drop in here from time to time, but I think my bike curiousity has been largely sated and now I'm just ready to plain-old ride bikes and spend my time talking about other things. (It helps that I have a borderline embarrassing "stable" of bikes to ride and enjoy. But that's been pretty well documented in these pages.)

Thanks to all for reading and feel free to drop by every so often and see if I've changed my mind and plopped some more words down here!