Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adios to yet another Trek!


I sold off the Trek 660 I had a brief dalliance with. I decided I couldn't afford another bike that wouldn't take a rack, so I fixed this thing up a bit and let it go.

Here's what was done to it:
-removed weird "Grip Shift" shifter and returned it to normal Shimano indexed downtube shifter
-trued and rewrapped the wheels (they were blowing tubes due to mangled rim tape)
-replaced the Shimano 600 "tricolor" derailleurs with another set of 600 SIS derailleurs I procured as I was coveting the ones it came with for my impending Paramount re-conversion (back to a road bike from single speed). Got the shifting humming along well with the replacement stuff
-rewrapped the bars
-gave a vigorous cleaning

It ended up being a quite nice looking bike and I think it will make someone happy for a long time to come!

Here's the more or less original setup (I actually changed the seat right off and had some temporary wheels on there):

And here's how it left:

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