Thursday, July 14, 2011

tdf - quickies thus far

-NBC internet package is awful. After trying to use it for 4 days on numerous computers and networks I raised a stink and got my money back. Back on low-res but dependable feeds from

-Crashes. Man, that's a lot of crashes. I am generally a fan of some crashes as a way to take the predictability out of things, but guys going over the edge of the mountains is a bummer. Also, the France TV car incident is just ridiculous.

That guy should be tarred and feathered.

Finally, we're in the mountains. I like watching people get spit out the back more than into a barbed wire fence.

My highly unlikely fantasy podium (based on underdog status or amount of hard knocks taken so far):

-Cadel Evans
-Andreas Kloden
-Thomas Voeckler

Haha! That would be the best.

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