Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I built this!

Lots of news to catch up on. Some weeks ago, I came across a listing in the Serotta forums classifieds for a UBER huge 66cm custom Serotta frame for sale at an incredible price. I had been talking with my 6'6" stepdad about building up a new bike for him for some months and I just knew this was not likely to happen again anytime soon. Serottas are expensive man! This thing was well below $500 for frame and fork (I would guess it cost whomever comissioned it around maybe $2k or more). I spoke with him about it and he told me to go for it. What a beauty! I got it in and then spent the next 2 weeks poking around for parts for it. I had a few choice items in house already and it all came together in a simply lovely fashion. I fixed it up with a mixture of Shimano Ultegra (hubs, rear derailleur, cassette, chain), Dura Ace (STI levers and front derailleur) with Tiagra brakes (sorry parts snobs! They work good though) parts along with a nice Truvativ compact crankset.

The test ride I took it on was really, really dreamy. I now officially lust for a steel Serotta! It was literally the smoothest and most comfy ride I've ever had, but it still blasted off when you stood up on the pedals. Maybe it was the size, but all was right in the world on this thing.

Here are some pics!

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