Thursday, July 9, 2009

TDF watching / HHH100 training


So, Tour de France watching is happening after all. Starting on day 2 (unless I missed it before, but I thought I looked), there was suddenly an online package thingy at to watch on the website. It's not super great quality video, the first hacker guy I found at was a much better feed of Versus' broadcast, but it's pretty decent, and it was not terribly expensive, like $35 I think for the whole tour.

Lots of weird action over the last few days. I liked the hard TTT. I guess a lot of riders don't but, man (respectfully) if all the courses were just made to be easy to ride, this probably wouldn't be a multi-million dollar spectator sport.
Half a team crashing does shake things up a bit and those who did their homework (like Astana) had some serious spoils to gain.

I'm hard at work getting up to snuff for my late August century ride. I rode 31 miles along the lakefront Tuesday and 35 miles out on the Forest Preserve bike path towards the Botanical Garden today. It was my first day to go riding out there and it's pretty nice, though it's also pretty broken up by roads and crossings of very major, highway-like streets. Nice for around here anyway.

I'm going to try for at least 30-ish miles every other day and at some point, I'm planning on riding to Milwaukee to see what a 16-17mph pace is like for something close to 100 miles.

I just realized I haven't put anything up here about my first ever for reals mountain biking experience. Crazy, crazy riding. Coming shortly!

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