Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sexy bikes (of the lack thereof)


Chicago has them in droves. I just completed a trip recently to Toronto, Montreal and NYC and I have to say that Chicago seems to have about 100x the truly sexy gorgeous bikes of any of these places. I just take it for granted that I'll see maybe 5 to 20 really nice bikes on any given ride in the city, but I could barely find bikes worth photographing in these cities. Here's a 3 or 4 pics that about sum up the nice bikes I saw. Pretty sad for 4 days. I could just go down to one corner in Chicago and find more than this.

A decently setup city bike (I think this was a Miyata?). Though it looks like someone is on too small of a frame (judging by the seatpost height and my own experiences).

I like the astroturf pad on this guy

Here's one of the only really nice bikes I saw (parked) in NY (I did see a really sweet ride, but the guy was screaming down 2nd Ave on it. Couldn't catch him).

I did see quite a lot of trashed bikes around NY. So sad

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