Friday, April 9, 2010

Horribly Hilly 65


Heading off to Madison today for the weekend. Not a ton of riding this week. Ended up doing something like 150 last week though. Probably rode 60 miles until today, but I went on a mellow 45 miles today with my pal Shea. I have a ride planned tomorrow from Madison to Mt. Horeb that I'm hoping will be some sort of approximation of my MS150 day 2. Supposed to be good and hilly out there. I will report back! Got some good tips from folks at the Serotta forum and just riffed off of those and came up with a route. It goes like this:

Should end up being something like 65-ish miles from the look of it. The title is a riff on the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride that is apparently a staple of the Madison area. I'd be tempted to try it, but my experience last fall or riding the North Shore Century all alone (boring, not that fun) will probably keep me from doing it unless I make a new cycling buddy right quick!

Tour of the Basque Country stage 5 is almost over in my replay watching. Inspiring hill riding going on now! Txurruka just wiped out, bummer for him. That guy's got moxie!

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