Saturday, April 3, 2010

one more thing...


I'm so distinctly behind on the interwebs most of the time that I must have been the last person who cared to find this out, but the iconoclastic Bike Snob NYC, a writer whose verbose marriage of deprecation and self-deprecation along with occasional (and hilarious) references to the CroMags and Agnostic Front make me feel like it's not so bad to be a part of the aging "Gen X" crowd (that is what we were supposed to be, right?), has been unmasked.

I think the big news was broken in the WSJ a couple of days ago, but I actually came across it on Bikefag's blog, which is always a pretty funny read as well, though I'm pretty sure that guy is Gen Y (and not to be trusted). I like how he just links straightaway to the guy's USA Cycling race stats when you click his name. (BTW, nice job Eben, you aren't near as bad as you say you are!).

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