Monday, May 25, 2009

beantown, back to NY and home sweet home


My last day of tour riding was a quick 12 mile trip around the Charles River in Boston on a gorgeously warm Wednesday morning. Another city that was good to have some iPhone/GPS capability in, I did have a pretty nice ride with minimal path sharing required. The riverside path here definitely seems to have some different vintages along it's length(s), some portions being a pretty nice mostly flat 5 foot wide modern macadam path and other points being more of an old sidewalk width cement path with a fading dashed line painted down it (it would take a rider with skinnier bars than my current 44cm width to observe these lines! Pretty gorgeous river to check out though for being in the middle of the city. Biked by Harvard, across a few nice bridges and just had a nice little workout.

Here are some pics and route map for this ride:

Here also is a pic of the graves of those shot in the Boston Massacre (Crispus Attucks et al) and statesman and (originally) failed brewer Samuel Adams:

After this, I packed up the bike in my trusty Polaris case and put it into the Fedex ground at the Kinko's right next to the Orpheum Theater. Convenient!

A day back in NY followed and, walking around, I began to notice a trend that kept popping up of bikes with sometimes elaborate and sometimes utilitarian versions of the same thing. Namely, being covered in tape from BB to top tube. The ones that caught my eye at first were mostly covered in brightly colored electrical tape, but I began noticing some with different tinted transparent tapes and a few in just dirty looking old black electrical tape too. Also, there is this certain sort of flipped up rear fender style that seemed to be the calling card of food delivery riders. Funny trend. A quick search on the interwebs didn't turn up too much, but I did find one other blogger commenting on the same thing (a New Yorker himself) here.

Kind of a nice look to spruce up an unsightly bike, but how many rolls is that anyway?! Bar tape, eat your heart out.

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