Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mercer Island, WA


More biking! Did a 10-ish mile ride a couple of days ago in Bellingham, WA. Just tooled around the bay around sundown with my pal Joe. Finished up with a nice dinner at Boundary Bay Brewing Co. Also, speaking of Bellingham, try Mallard's Ice Cream! I have been to this town maybe 7 or 8 times and never knew about this place. Serious gourmet ice cream. Flavors tried: Cardamom (yum!!!!!), Chocolate w/Cayenne (YUM!!!!), Avocado (pretty good, interesting at any rate). They've got it going on and I'm not even really an ice cream freak.

Today, Joe and I went on a 27-mile ride around Mercer Island in Seattle. We started by dropping by Elliott Bay Cycles for a new taillight as well as a little courtesy chain lube and tire pressure check. Thanks guys!

What a great, great ride! Many bikers out on this gorgeous little island (posh real estate only out there!). It has great little winding, hilly roads with very little auto traffic. After going counterclockwise around the island we stopped shortly before going back across the I-90 bridge at the Roanoke Tavern and had some delicious salmon burgers and a pitcher of local pale ale. We did not finish the pitcher as we had another pretty brutal 5-ish miles to finish, but it hit the spot. There was some good hill climbing going on all over this ride, you really get your exercise. I may go do it again on Tuesday.

Here are some pics. Highlights include the view from Seattle across the I-90 bridge, some rolling roads on the island, some pale ale, and our route.

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Ryan said...

Ohhh Iloveyourblog. It's so nice and relaxing to read, like I'm riding along the route you're describing. That ride looked cool! You've got a great Zen thing going here...

I'm really getting inspired to blog my rides! I have a very hard time EVER stopping for photos, though - no matter where I am. When everything is beautiful and we're really moving, I just can't decide when's the right time to stop, get out the camera and take that picture that just can't be missed!

It'll take some practice for sure. I'm looking for a bar mount for my bberry so it'll be right there for pics and GPS. After testing out this mapping/bike computer software for bberry to see if it's worth a crap, I just may follow through with the plan... It is more than a little disgusting to have a bberry in view while on rides; as they serve as my ultimate escape!!

Those moments when your cycling alone or with a couple of good friends and find yourself in the middle of the country with the cows and sheep; it's just the shit, right?