Friday, May 1, 2009

on the road again...


I've been doing some super fun biking in Portland for the last 2 days. Flying your bike on Southwest airlines is still a pretty affordable affair for everyone's information. Go Southwest!

I got to Portland, put the Surly together and went out for an evening spin to visit some friends in the studio. I was told some route tips about staying off the big roads, but compared to Chicago, the "big roads" are equal to the most bike friendly streets Chicago has to offer.

The next day I did a morning ride to Mt. Tabor, a little mini mountain (big hill) in the middle of a lovely neighborhood. It was an incredibly gorgeous day and that place is a real urban oasis. The view of the city is pretty stunning.

Later that afternoon I went with a couple of local guides on a nice 12 mile loop around the Springwater Corridor which goes south from the east central side of town to Milwaukie, OR then follows the Willamette River back around to downtown Portland. We finished it off with a little loop around the river downtown. They've got a lot of great off-street paths going in Rip City. Nice stuff!!

Here are some pics:

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